GROWL Auction – Donation Item Ideas

GROWL (Great Respect of Winning Legends) hosts a “Hall of Fame” Dinner Auction in April. This is the greatest source of funding, designated solely to Olympia High School’s Athletic Department. Each team receives a percentage of the money raised, based on participation by the team. Please consider donating to the auction for the volleyball program.

  • Do you own a cabin, summer house or condo? Offer a weekend getaway.
  • Create a theme basket: Sports Fan, Baby Gift, Movie Night, Beach Party, Date Night etc.
  • Own season tickets? Offer tickets to a specific sporting event, concert, play etc.
  • Have a big flower garden? Offer a bouquet or season of flowers.
  • Have a big vegetable garden? Offer a produce basket or season of produce.
  • Own a restaurant? Donate a gift certificate.
  • Are you a Massage Therapist? Donate a gift certificate.
  • Are you and artist? Offer a priceless work of art.

Time and Talent Ideas

  • Landscaping – work or design
  • Handyman
  • Golf Lesson
  • Tennis Lesson
  • Graphic Design
  • Scrapbooking

Activity Ideas

  • Do you own a boat? Offer a sunset cruise with wine and snacks.
  • Own a sailboat? Offer a hands-on “learn to sail” lesson.
  • Show off your culinary skills and offer to host a dinner for 4 or 8 people.
  • Like to entertain? Offer a “Girl’s Night Out”.

Team Representative: Kenna Canaan
More Information: GROWL Dinner Auction Website
Download: GROWL Procurement Form | Word Doc or PDF